Our Partner Network is made up of a strong and growing community of reputable companies and organizations that extend our global reach by leveraging our partners over 100,000 professionals worldwide to deliver vendor, cloud and consumer assurance.


NetDiligence is a Cyber Risk Assessment and Data Breach Services company. NetDiligence services are used by leading insurers in the US and UK that offer “hacker insurance” for businesses. Insurers like ACE, Arch, Chubb, Zurich, Beazley, Hiscox, Aspen, Brit and other Lloyds of London syndicates rely on NetDiligence risk assessments to support both loss-control and educational objectives. NetDiligence partnerships with these leading cyber liability insurers, along with their time-tested risk management approach (eliminate, mitigate, accept and cede residual risk), makes them uniquely positioned to help organizations of all types and sizes effectively manage their cyber risk.

NetDiligence is also an acknowledged leader in data and privacy breach prevention and recovery. The NetDiligence eRisk Hub® portal is licensed by more than 45 cyber liability insurers to provide ongoing education and breach recovery services to their policyholders. NetDiligence technical experts assist many of these insurers with cyber liability claims investigations.

CloudeAssurance strategic partnership with NetDiligence through our data subscription license allows NetDiligence to include our Cloud Security Benchmark Study data (CloudeAssurance Provisional Scores) in their Cyber Risk Assessment reports delivered to Insurance underwriters and companies that are seeking Cyber Risk & Privacy Liability Insurance coverage thereby allowing NetDiligence to provide added value to both their customers (insurance companies) and the insured.

BlackCloudRx™ is powered by the CloudeAssurance Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. It allows eRiskHub users to monitor the safety and security of their data in the various third-party clouds upon which they depend. Users will be able to proactively track, from the convenience of their mobile device and in real time, the cloud security ratings, security breaches, lawsuits and major outages impacting the cloud services they use and enable them to act accordingly in response to threats.